Swati Vijay


After gaining experience for years in the Industry, Dr. Swati Vijay, Speech Therapist & Audiologist, is coming up with a new movement of learning in Kota through Motion Kids- A System Based on Montessori Education System.


Studies say that children should be provided with a strong foundation to grow into confident and independent adults. Focusing on this, Motion Kids will be flexible and creative in addressing each child’s needs and aspirations with emphasis on their basic development and practical learning, which will further lead to their better psychological development. In keeping with the Montessori Philosophy, the children will learn discipline, become aware of the needs of the group and become confident at expressing their own needs & feelings. As we believe that each child needs to have a positive self-image and be proud of who he/she is, thus we will strive to provide such positive experience for our children

With a belief in executing our ideas into actions, we are always steady towards the gateway of success. To nurture you and provide you with the best Faculty team, Our interest lies in you being in dream colleges of the nation. For this our consistent and efficient Faculty members will guide you through out. All we need is your determination to be able to follow us on the path of success.